Gritti Pomelo Sorrento 100ml eau de parfums spray hem&haar

vanaf € 6,50

incl. belastingen plus verzending


A fragrance with a delicate balance . The sparkling freshness of Sorrento pomelo interlaced with the green notes of tea wrapped by the rose delicacy. The bottom is the vetiver, ambrer and iris.

Floral Green
Top Note: Grapefruit
Heart Note: White Flowers, Rose, Green Tea
Base Note: Ambergris, Vetiver, Iris

Gritti Turchesi Collection
The Gritti collection aims to transmit the Italian spirit more than ever, setting it apart from all other brands. The Emerald Collection is a line of four fragrances that evoke the energy, sun and rich hues of the Italian sea. A unique sensory journey in a natural setting like no other.

Each fragrance reveals a different corner of the soul and focuses on a distinctive emblematic ingredient as a reminder of one's unique path.

Only fresh fragrances, meticulously elaborated with new molecules, to intrigue and leave you with a wonderful sensation of well-being.